Hello!  I just arrived in Orléans this afternoon around 12:30pm, or at about 5:30am Missouri time.  I flew out of Dallas at noon on Tuesday to Washington D.C., then to Paris, Charles de Gaulle.  Once I arrived at Charles de Gaulle, I took the RER train to the Metro line 5, and then I took another train to reach Gare d’Orléans.  My friend Emily C., who is also studying abroad here at the same University met me there and helped me get in contact with my host family using her phone.  Shortly after I arrived, my host parents picked me up and we went straight to their house so I could get some sleep.

My host family was very nice and showed me around the town on the way home, but they understood that I needed to sleep immediately.  On the way home I briefly saw the Loire River, Joan of Arc’s house, and a very beautiful cathedral.  I just woke up from said nap and I am about to eat my first dinner with my host parents.  I will post again soon, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of my house and my room.



  1. Hey Sweetie, I just got a chance to read your blog and look at your pictures. It looks beautiful. I am so very peoud of you. You are such a special and amazing young lady. I hope you get to do everything there that you want to do and more. Enjoy your adventure. Send me a card from over there Vicky Frost. 112 Ball Park Rd. Salter Path NC 28512. I love you very much Emily. XOXO


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