Châteaux and Other Cool Things

So I haven’t posted in a while-sorry Mom.  I think it’s been three weeks so I’ve done a lot of things.

I made a trip to Blois with Emily and Dillon.  We were actually going to go to another castle called Chambord, but we missed the last bus and so we went to the smaller castle in Blois.  Here are some pictures

The first picture is taken from the courtyard of the castle, the second is outside the castle and the town of Blois is in the background behind me.  The next four were all taken in the town and the last is inside Église St. Nicolas, which is a Catholic church.  Surprise, surprise right, catholic churches are everywhere here!

Since the last time I posted, I’ve also joined a running group.  They’re actually training to do triathlons, but I just go to the running practices.  I’m running my first 5k on Sunday October 2nd and then I’ve got two more 5k’s on two following Sundays.  I’m hoping to beat my high school time by the time I leave France, which was 21 something I think.

I also went on a “spectacle de vélo” with my host family and Dillon.  It was really cool and I don’t think it’s something that exists in the States.  We rode our bikes to another town, which I don’t remember the name of; then there was a 5k circuit with little plays along the way.  It was really cool.  Some were musicals, some were small plays, and some were dancing; but they were all really talented.  We rode over 30 miles on our bikes including the way there, back, and the small circuit!

Then on the fifth of September we had our placement test.  I got A2 group 2.  The levels are A1, A2, B1, B2 with two groups in each level.  So I’m pretty much right in the middle.  I’ve already learned a lot of French and I’ve made a lot of friends.  This is my Japanese friend Kyotaro.14407586_10205559715707328_1809378228_n

All of the museums and castles were free last weekend and since I’ve already been to the big museums in Paris, I decided to go to some castles.  I was actually just planning on going to one-Chambord; but then I got on the wrong bus and ended up at the wrong castle. Haha don’t worry Mom, I’m fine.  I met a girl from Spain on the bus to the first castle and we went to both together.  She was really cool and I found out that she’s at the same University as me doing some research for her PhD.  The train to get to Blois was only 4€ and then after that I took a bus to Chambord, and later to Cheverny and the bus is 6€ for the entire day.  Chambord was free and Cheverny was only 7€50 (it wasn’t free because it’s a private castle) so it was all pretty cheap too-always a plus.  Chambord is a World Heritage Site and construction was finished in 1547-it was really awesome and there was live music in the castle!  These are at Chambord:

And these are from Cheverny:

At Cheverny there were like 50 dogs outside in a kennel-yes literally that many dogs.  When I got home I asked my host family why there were so many dogs and they said they still use the dogs to hunt elk (they might have meant deer or some other animal-my French isn’t good enough for me to be sure but it’s some animal with antlers) on horseback.  So cool!

My Mom has also been begging me some pictures of my food so here ya go Mom:

A Desperado is my favorite beer so if you’re ever in Europe, make sure you drink one.


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