Grenoble, and food 

So since my last post, I’ve run another 5k and I still run with Hubert every week. Hubert didn’t run in the race because it was actually his daughter who organized the race so they were all helping with the setup and running the event. Then that night we went to see a group of acrobats called Klax On. They’re a German troupe and they were absolutely amazing. I have a few pictures, but I didn’t really get any good ones because I was so entranced that I forgot to take any until afterwards. 

During the last week of October we had a week off of school for Toussaints, or in English,  All Saints Day. So some friends and I went to Grenoble. Dillon, Caroline, and I took a Blablacar on the way there- it’s a five hour drive. Blablacar is basically like an Uber but it’s for longer trips. The first day there we walked around the city. The next we day we took the lifts up the mountain to see La Bastille, which is an old fort on the mountain. It was super cool and then we hiked the rest of the way up to the top to see the very oldest parts of the fort.  When we went down the mountain, we took a wrong path and it took us over an hour to get back into town but it was kind of fun and we met a British couple who was lost too on the way. 

The next day we went to Chartreuse. It is now a monastery but it was originally a castle. It was given to Saint Bruno in 1084 and he founded the Carthusian Order. We took a bus from Grenoble, it’s about a 40 minute drive into the mountains. The bus ride alone would have been worth the trip because it was so beautiful. 

The next day we took a bus home because it was way cheaper than the train and there was no one driving back that day. We had to take two buses: the first one was about six hours to Paris and then we had a three hour layover there. Then we had another two hour bus ride to get home. It wasn’t actually too bad because they were really nice buses. In Paris, we were only two metro stops away from the Arc de Triomphe so we went to see that and then we ate a nice meal at a restaurant nearby.

Last weekend, my family and I went to one of their friends’ house for dinner and they made tête de veau, which is baby cow head. I had to try it, so I had a piece of the head and a piece of the tongue. It was actually really good. We had foie gras (duck liver) before the meal, a very typical French dish. 

Last night my family had some friends over for dinner, Xavier and Helene. First we had an apéritif, which is something they do before the meal. It’s usually a vegetable with some kind of dip along with your choice of juice or wine and some type of bread. Then we went to the table and we had a platter of raw meat: veau, canard, bœuf, et poulet (baby cow, duck, beef, and chicken) along with four sauces.  There was a small skillet and you chose a piece of meat and cooked it right at the table. 

After that we had a salad with a cheese platter, then the next course was fruit and a Tarte Tatin, it is typical to this region and is very similar to an apple pie.

Today we’re headed to Hubert’s mothers house in Montargis, it’s about an hour away. I woke up early and walked around town this morning and we’re leaving around 1:30 to make it there for dinner and to have some time to spend in the town.  This is from this morning in Orléans.Then tomorrow, we’re going to visit a wine cellar, which is actually in a cave.

Also soon they’re going to be putting up Christmas lights in town and there’s going to be a ferries wheel in the square where the above picture was taken. 😊


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